Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my 1957 CORVETTE..

THIS beautiful "classic" was TRAGICALLY "rolled over" 2&one-half times(landing on its roof). one night on a penna country road....what happened was I hit an oil patch on the road at the curve in the road and went OFF the road and back on AGAIN (@85mph) landing on the roof of the car...THANK GOD THE CONVERTIBLE TOP WAS UP....my door got jammed shut so I and my cousin had to BOTH leave by the far door...only injury was a cut on my hand(getting BLOOD all over my "light blue suit"....had to have it TOWED to a garage. and EXPLAIN to my parents that I"M ALLRIGHT..if you saw the car after you would have thought I would be DEAD....I guess I survived ANOTHER one of a cat's 9 LIVES....THANK YOU GOD, FOR LOOKING AFTER ME ONCE AGAIN...

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