Sunday, October 10, 2010

18 wheeler driving; south florida...1975

an interesting thing happened while driving my "liquor" truck back from the KEYS,FLORIDA on the 7&one-half mile bridge(in the middle of the bridge) noticing that while on a one-way road both ways on this bridge that a winn-dixie truck driver coming at me from the other way was FALLING ASLEEP and HEADING TOWARDS ME; time NOT to panic(and scare him) but to SCRAPE PART OF THE WALL ON MY RIGHT and TAKE OUT ONLY MY MIRROR ON MY LEFT SIDE...WORKED OUT SAFELY(if it didn't I was HEADED FOR THE WATERS)...ended up driving the second-half of the bridge STANDING UP BECAUSE OF BROKEN GLASS ALL OVER MY TRUCK SEAT...the LESSER of two EVILS..never heard from that OTHER driver...had to explain to my BOSS in the morning....he was ONLY concerned about his TRUCK.....WHAT????

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