Sunday, May 23, 2010

the "ruins" of ATHENS,GREECE..1957

was part of a narrated navy tour..beautiful city despite "ruins"...friendly summer town...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"who is this guy"?

a "lucky" world traveler....

eiffel tower, paris,france..TOP FLOOR

looking down from the 3rd floor of the EIFFEL TOWER onto the SEINNE RIVER below...fantastic of highest in the world...c'est magnafique.....

boat tour; seinne river,,paris,france

c"est la vie......somebody has to do it...

Notre Dame Cathedral and MOI

only one of over 50 stops on the "yellow bus" tour all around Paris..

inside of Lourvre; Paris,France

very historical, and HUGE. the "yellow bus" tour traveled thruout this very impressive place(home of many art pieces,including the MONA LISA,etc),,,,

giant skywheel ride at Place de la Concorde

another FUN attraction ride in Paris,France..

baby picture; age 3 years old

where it all started....age 3,,,,erie,pennsylvania..cute "kid"


the most beautiful street in the world;the most famous PARIS, of many parades, one end is the Place de la Concord(where the giant skywheel is) and at the other end you can see the Arc de Triomph in the distance..