Tuesday, October 12, 2010


one of the FUN rides at UNIVERSAL ORLANDO,,,the FALLS ride..fast, and you DO GET WET..


the "scene" nobody forgets after visiting PARIS,FRANCE..the EIFFEL TOWER(or as the "germans" called it "that awful tower"....

more las vegas,nevada;2005

a view on the crossover of las vegas blvd by the New York ,New York Casino...

las vegas, nevada;2005

the slots of vegas,,,very tempting...

my 1965 CORVETTE..

probably the most FUN day with this sportster was in AHRA dragracing at Wat tsburg,Penna "racing" against an A-GAS Willys coupe in LITTLE ELIMINATOR trophy run and just WINNING a photo finish at the END of the race and hearing the "crowd" CHEER...a "racer" doesn't forget moments like this...I loved being a "hot dog" at the racetrack...

my 1957 CORVETTE..

this WAS a FUN car UNTIL......

my 1957 CORVETTE..

THIS beautiful "classic" was TRAGICALLY "rolled over" 2&one-half times(landing on its roof). one night on a penna country road....what happened was I hit an oil patch on the road at the curve in the road and went OFF the road and back on AGAIN (@85mph) landing on the roof of the car...THANK GOD THE CONVERTIBLE TOP WAS UP....my door got jammed shut so I and my cousin had to BOTH leave by the far door...only injury was a cut on my hand(getting BLOOD all over my "light blue suit"....had to have it TOWED to a garage. and EXPLAIN to my parents that I"M ALLRIGHT..if you saw the car after you would have thought I would be DEAD....I guess I survived ANOTHER one of a cat's 9 LIVES....THANK YOU GOD, FOR LOOKING AFTER ME ONCE AGAIN...

my 1965 CORVETTE..

"can a 1965 CORVETTE GO 135mph on route #90 on a bright sunny day????" speedometer MUST be wrong????

Sunday, October 10, 2010




this young asian LADY didn't mind posing in front of the ARCH DE TRIOMPH and making it look BETTER...

18 wheeler driving; south florida...1975

an interesting thing happened while driving my "liquor" truck back from the KEYS,FLORIDA on the 7&one-half mile bridge(in the middle of the bridge) noticing that while on a one-way road both ways on this bridge that a winn-dixie truck driver coming at me from the other way was FALLING ASLEEP and HEADING TOWARDS ME; time NOT to panic(and scare him) but to SCRAPE PART OF THE WALL ON MY RIGHT and TAKE OUT ONLY MY MIRROR ON MY LEFT SIDE...WORKED OUT SAFELY(if it didn't I was HEADED FOR THE WATERS)...ended up driving the second-half of the bridge STANDING UP BECAUSE OF BROKEN GLASS ALL OVER MY TRUCK SEAT...the LESSER of two EVILS..never heard from that OTHER driver...had to explain to my BOSS in the morning....he was ONLY concerned about his TRUCK.....WHAT????

RIP "jarhead" HARRY & MR. PRESS.


U.S.NAVY bootcamp;1956

Saturday, October 2, 2010

view from 3rd floor holiday inn;paris;2010

boat tour; seinne river,,paris,france;2010

paris in vegas;eiffel tower ride up to top

"girls of magic" show;vegas

friend;carol;nick;me;nevada-calif border ;2007

seinne river; paris,france;2010

tower of terror ride;disney,paris;2010

boot camp liberty;baltimore,md USO;1956

the good ol days

first racing trophy;wattsburg,penna;1960

another baby picture=robert redford?

homestead,florida school

"london eye" ride from "red bus"; 2007

vegas;keno;million dollar keno?????

disney epcot,florida;ilham=belly dancer..

my 1984 camaro;hollywood,florida

...this car's life "ended" when it was "totaled" one day right in front of my hollywood,fla apt while I was "gainfully employed" at PUBLIX...."MADE MY DAY"..life's a BITCH, sometimes..

under the eiffel tower;paris,france


seinne river; paris,france;2010

ride up eiffel tower;2nd floor

more paris,france; 2010