Wednesday, September 30, 2009


.......this is a pic of disneyland,paris,france;space mountain rollercoaster(better than at orlando,fla); one of many "good" rollercoasters in paris; another "favorite" is the Indiana Jones Doom ride(they told me to take my "glasses" off for this one); Aerosmith Rock & Roller rollercoaster with music is another favorite; newly installed TOWER OF TERROR is not too shabby also; this was my trip #6 here and they were ALL never see paris for the last time; anticipating my next "visit" soon...also on this trip was a 2 day red bus "narrated" tour of the city;a "trip" to the TOP of the eiffel tower; and last (but NOT least) an evening "up FRONT" with my bucket of champaigne at the CRAZY HORSE SALOON...c'est la vie...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

navy bootcamp;1956

.....reflecting on my navy bootcamp training; my FAVORITE part was possibly the OCS part;where we were put into a "capsule" ,strapped into; and "shot" into the water,with _______seconds to "get out" of the capsule while in the water...FUN.....complete NAVAL training.....thank you; sincerely,TOP GUN,GANNON..

Monday, September 7, 2009

drag racing's "tree" interesting "addendum" to earlier related posts about my ;"recorfd" with this fabulous car,my 1959 "hand built" 1959 Pontiac tri-power; and having ONLY ONE loss in my class(DSA) in 2 years racing; back in 1961 the races were started by "flagmen"(except at Thompson,Ohio where I didn't quite "master" the automatic "tree"(new at that time), so I came in "second"; back to the "drawing board. FUN SPORT... I need to give THANKS to a very good friend, BOBBY HUGHES, who did TONS of work on my 1959 Pontiac in getting it ready for the races on Sunday. and enabling me to be REGIONAL CHAMPION (Penna, Ohio, and New York) in 1962 THANKS MR. BOBBY HUGHES; WE HAD FUN.