Monday, May 11, 2009

navy bootcamp surprise;1956

they say it's a small world sometimes;unknown to me,while on my way on the navy bus to Bainbridge,Md, I discovered besides me there were 4 other future sailors also from Erie,Pa that I knew but didn't know they had the same "plans" of enlisting in the NAVY;Phil Clark'Mr. Bloom;jack Howell;myself; and one other that the name escapes me for now;happy birthday;will the navy barracks be able to control "us"??????FUN for 13 weeks; along with a lot of "hard" training from a bunch of gung-ho people;an unfortunate "accident" interupted our training when a bootcamp liberty accident killed 2 people and injured a third from my company;SAD; company comander,company clerk;and a third person; SAD; graduated company 13 weeks later on time;NAVY here we come.....

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