Wednesday, May 6, 2009

high school;1951-1955

Cathedral Prep School; was very exciting for me; having learned a very good education;received "honor cards" ; and having participated in cross country and wrestling("uncrowned" 95 lb champion); "long sad story,there"......received nice writeup in senior yearbook;THANKS; "Gary excells on the green,and on the mat,and in magic;Gary enjoys life in all its phases;Mr.Gannon,,,,,,,........followed by enlisting in the U.S.NAVY in 1956...followed by MANY YEARS,part time in gathering college credits at GANNON COLLEGE(now GANNON UNIVERSITY)A SCHOOL PROUDLY FOUNDED BY MY GREAT-UNCLE;the late ARCHBISHOP JOHN MARK GANNON;ERIE,PENNA;studying accounting,business,business law pschycology,art,music,etc and being ONE semester short of GRADUATING(MOM reminded me of THIS SEVERAL times;and rightly SO...actually ENJOYED college; but was taking on TOO many projects..

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